Mike Smithson of, please stop spamming my site comments

Mike Smithson


Nice to hear that you can make $5000+ a month just by posting links to Google! Very enterprising of you. I was  also thrilled to hear about your month-long vacation with your brittle angry wife and your whiney child.  Of course I am extrapolating, and it’s doubtful that that is you in the photo. And your name is probably not Mike Smithson. But it’s nice to give that personal touch, right?

When my cash comes through from Nigeria (any day now) I’ll purchase your booklet. I hope you can wait til then!

Please stop spamming my site. I know you think that by playing the numbers game ONE of your comments will get through, but I assure you, I read all comments before approval, as I don’t get many.

Well I do, but they are all from you.

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I just installed wp-spamfree, which seemed to get good reports, and lots of config options. fingers crossed!

I have a few blogs that also get very few comments. It appears that mike is a great fan of my postings. So great in fact that he posted this comment: “Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll certainly be subscribing” to a blog that didn’t have a single posting “”. He is obviously physic and knows that when I do post to this blog that it will be good so he is commenting in advance. Or else he is using a poor auto blog posting program. I found your post on a Google search for his email address:

He is operating behind a proxy server at

Clara –

I received the same comment “Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this.”

Seemed authentic enough, but the hop link signature was nagging at me. I did a quick Google search and found your blog. I appreciate you taking the time to post on this to help other confirm that Mike is indeed a spammer!

I agree that the Akismet plug in will flag Mike, then you just have look past that stock photo and delete! Mike’s practices give legitimate online marketers a bad name.

Thanks again!


Thanks for posting! I am using WP-SpamFree which seems to be working very well. It’s a plugin and very easy to install.

I got such a kick out of reading this I got his praise on my blog as well. He liked all my 1 posts (its a new blog). I also bet it said he was from your city too I figured that was some kind of software that detected where I live now and it inserts it in the text. Also, about his month long vacation in Hawaii picture, I am from Hawaii and that back ground does not look like anything I have seen, never seen that flower there. I could be wrong I have not been to every corner of every island but it sure does not look familiar.

yeah, your hunch was right, its a piece of javascript that detects your location and prints your city to the screen. Its that nice, local, personal touch!
thanks for commenting Diana! Good luck with the blog!

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