chicken hutch!

I am now the proud owner of a chicken ‘ark’ – it’s a triangular framed hutch witha run incorporated. It’s very low on the ground and needs serious reinforcements, so its definitely a ‘starter’ home for my future chickens. Apparently ark is accessible and attractive to foxes who caused the end of two groups of chickens. I got the chicken ark from some lovely people that I gave paving slabs to. I gave paving slabs to them for their shed. We got in touch through freecycle.  And I love freecycle. Ah the magical connections…

after an attempt to deconstruct the ark and put the pieces in my car, that failed, I went round with a hand truck. chicken ark huge and heavy and awkward. hand truck tiny. Only one of me, unaided. hot sweltering day. It was not far, and I managed it without too many mishaps, but would like not to have to do that ever again.