Where da Clara tee?

Interactive Wood Machines of Bernie LubellI’ve just come back from a few days with my brother, and regretting not blogging while I was there – every day was a blog-worthy day. Unfortunately, no regular, reliable internet connection. and no time. I was busy Doing Stuff. So let me backtrack and tell you alll about it

Day 1 – arrival in Liverpool, rhubarb was made for this recipe

Day 2 – ghost town, rain rain rain, Tate Gallery in 20 mins, the unexpected 23 mile cycle ride

Day 3 – allotment and the joy of home grown, hat factory, mini superlambanana, existentialist comedy

Day 4 – Art reducing Life to mechanical functions, croissants, uncomfortable train journey, and Freaky Flicks!

yep, a waste to cram in one blog post so let me s-t-r-e-t-c-h it out a bit…