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Day 2 – Part D – The Unexpected 23 Mile Cycle Ride

[June 17th]

graffitiSit in the Fact Cafe being damp for an hour. Speak to work. when I leave my seat I am embarassed to see the plastic darkened in a triangle, looking like I have wet myself. I am sopping wet. It’s been raining HARD, like buckets of water have literally been chucked at me from the sky while cycling. I do not want to go on this ride.

fact-graffitiMy brother Julian always makes me do these crazy things that involve indurance, wetness, mud or pain. I do not like it. I wish he was a normal brother, with normal hobbies. Like fixing vintage cars, films, video games. something that would involve being dry and clean and calm. Not like caving, kayak-freaking-scuba-diving, cycling or politics.

What can I say? 23 miles.


Long way. Bloody good fun.

AND I got to eat fish and chips in the pub.

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