Networking in Cambridge

Cambridge If you are self-employed, it’s a struggle to move to a new town (or to an old one) and quickly establish a social and professional network . I’d recommend scouring the web for networking groups and ‘fling yourself in’. Here are some of the lists and gatherings I’ve joined or have been recommended to expedite the process of settling and establishing myself in Cambridge:

  • Cambridge Network
  • Aims to connect people from business and the university in technology fields. A information hub for people in the Cambridge region. The site’s been around for 10 years, and not had a whole lot of usability/QA love. The job search has been broken for at least the last 3 months, probably longer.
  • Cambridge Usability Group
    Usability and information architecture.  The site is not kept up to date, might be taking a break for the summer.
  • CamCreative
    Designers, artists, illustrators, filmmakers, musicians. Monthly meeting, many subjects, well attended.
  • Cambridge Geek Night
    Some talks under 15 mins each, diverse topics of a techie flavour,  in a room above the Maypole pub. I have to work hard not to call it “Cambridge Gee Knight”. Really fun, lively group, with drinking.
  • CamMedia
    Digital creative types in Cambridge. Not been to a meeting yet, but heard there are talks. Well thought of, met Fran the other week who was awesome.
  • Open Coffee
    Entrepreneurs and start-up people. Informal meetup in a coffee shop every Wednesday or Wednesday at 10am. Different every time.
  • Refresh Cambridge
    Web professionals. Lively email list and twitter – range of tech help requests and advice, events, jobs, some cross-posts from other lists. Monthly talks/meeting at Anglia Ruskin, and drink in the pub. I went to this last night, it was great!
  • Twig
    Social networking business people. Meets every Monday – haven’t attended yet.
Non-professional networking and events

That’s what I have so far. Please add a comment if you can recommend others.’r

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