Odd things that I’ve noticed about Venice

decay is quite pretty
black-face is still offensive
home security can be decorative
  1. The keyholes are often SIDEWAYS
  2. Cruise ships are TALLER than the buildings
  3. Decay is quite pretty (elegantly slummy)
  4. Black-face‘ is offensive even when black men are doing it.
  5. European empires have always plundered the Islamic world culturally, artistically, materially.
  6. So much water – where are the ducks?
  7. Opera makes no sense if you don’t know the story. Or the language they are singing in. Or the language of the subtitles.
  8. Paint a turd crackly gold, tie a ribbon round it, and a tourist might buy it.
  9. Pasta with tomato sauce is not an adequate veggie option.
  10. White bread is very very white. And very very tasteless.
  11. You can get lost even though you have a map and you are looking at it.
  12. This is not a night-time party town.
  13. A thunderstorm is a weather state, not an event.
  14. Home security can be decorative.
  15. Not a great place if you get sea-sick or you dislike strong smells. Or you are vegan.
  16. A great place to get ugly oversized knock-off designer handbags after midnight any day of the week.