Public Service Announcement – A ba boop a boop boo boop

That song on the video, it keeps playing when you are watching streaming media on the web in the UK, before and after and between, you’re dying to know what it it is, aren’t you? It’s jazzy, scatty, dancable and ohmygod catchy. You’re walking down the street and all you can hear in your head is ‘ababoop boo boo boo’. What the hell is that music?

You’ve even gone to the website, and visited the Late Rooms Press Releases area, but that too is extremely unhelpful. Don’t artists have to be attributed? Isn’t that the deal?

What the hell is that song? What’s he saying? Baboo? Ba Boo boo? You do a web search. Bah boo. Abahboo? You can find anything on Google. Baboop.

You’ve always been pretty good at finding things. You keep getting results for Betty Boop. Wow. That’s a weird cartoon. Was everyone on drugs?

Did they really show this to kids? So many questions.

There’s loads of sites that are supposed to list musicians and writers for the soundtrack of adverts, and when you look up ‘Dizzy with Choice’ – you’ve at least found what the ad men are calling it – and little comes up. Some helpful person might have mentioned that the song was Bring Your Daughter To the Slaughter by Iron Maiden, which was quite funny actually. But surely someone has the actual information and put it somewhere accessible? What is going ON?

Every time a Levi Jeans commercial came on the TV, suddenly the associated single was played everywhere and immediately available to purchase. Legions of artists had their careers boosted or revived beyond all reason because their song was accompanying the suggested unbuttoning of flies. Hey Babylon Zoo anyone? *snigger*. Hows about Smoke City? Actually that song was quite good (Underwater Love). And I’ve actually got Mr Oiso’s album on the strength of a head-banging puppet, Flat Eric.

So if the song has been driving you mad, you’ve been searching for long nonsensical scat phrases, and nothing has come up so far, this is for you.

  • Baboop
  • Ababoo
  • Abap-boo Pudup Boo-Poo
  • Boobooboo
  • Jazz it up
  • Dizzy With Choice

Ready? Yeah because I have been dragging this out a bit, it’s my blog, I can do what I like. Ha.

Artist: The Real Tuesday Weld. Album: ‘The London Book of the Dead’. Song: ‘Cloud Cuckoo Land’.

It was used in an awesome animation called ‘Last Time in Clerkenwell’ by Alex Budovsky. If the song from hell is not in your head yet, it will be after you watch this.

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