One Rule to a Flat Stomach: Obey

Here it is:

Eat less and be more active.

No good sitting around on the sofa watching telly and eating chips. The fat’s not moving until you do.

Those ads that you see everywhere, on Hotmail, MSN, Facebook…simple. That’s a scam scam scam.

That acai berry extract and stuff labeled ‘colon cleanse’ really won’t help, sorry. Unless you take them as part of a calorie-controlled diet and increase your physical activity, of course…but then you are really just getting into stone soup territory.

Oh, the free sample is just a hook. How do you think they get money to stick their offensive but highly effective ads all over the internets? Easy! They take your Credit card and whap a bunch o charges on it. Oh and another thing, Judy isn’t real. It’s not a blog. It’s a ploy to give the scammy advertiser the personal touch, to connect with you. Just like Mike Smithson and his money site.

Really you just wanted to look at more pictures of the fat chick that’s fatter than you, right?

Yep that’s why I’ve clicked on those ads. Maybe 20, 30 times…

It’s just shocking to me that so many mainstream and successful websites are OK with taking their dirty money, and so encourage their unsuspecting and eager users to play into the hands of con-artists. Yay commerce. Yay unregulated markets.




Update: I followed the link to ‘Judy’s blog’, and noticed that the British version (unlike the US version – same text, different images) has trademark information, terms and conditions printed at the bottom:

All trademarks, logos, and service marks are registered and/or unregistered Trademarks of their respective owners. is an affiliated website, marketing the health supplement products “AcaiBerry Exclusive” and “Effective Cleanse”. …You will be charged the super low price of £79.00 at the end of your 15-day trial period…Unless you call to cancel, you’ll continue to get a fresh one-month supply of Life Cleanse every 30 days for the low price of £79.00 (+£3.95 shipping and handling).

That’s good that they give this information, not all of the ads do, albeit couched in some odd salesmany words. £79 for powdered acai doesn’t sound like a super low price to me. In the year 2088 perhaps that would be a bargain. But not today!

Poor saps that don’t scroll to the bottom and read what they are in for are suckered out of an astounding £82.95 every thirty days unless they call a telephone number to cancel. I’d imagine if the company was really shifty they might never answer the phone or put callers into a monstrous call queue. But…they wouldn’t do that, would they?

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I KNEW it was a scam; I can smell these crooks a mile away. But for what it’s worth….Judy looks super hot with the extra weight anyways. BBW RULE!!!! Judy, I’d love to see ya topless honey!

Heh depends which “Judy” you’re talking about… the redhead Judy is certainly a firecracker.

Thanks for your comment, Yousaf!

The benefits gained by the use of acai berry begins with the attitude while using it. First of all one should always keep in mind that it is by no means a replacement of regular exercise. Nor it should be seen as a means to eat whatever you want whenever u want while using it. Pure acai berry when used with proper exercise and a low calorie diet would be very effective in treating weight gain.

Hi Stacy, thanks for replying. I removed the URL with your comment as I’d prefer not to direct traffic to your acai berry free trial web page.

Your comment seems to contradict the very first sentence of the advertisement you linked to: ‘Doing something as simple as taking a pill two times a day can give you amazing results’. And later, after a claim that users can lose 10 pounds in two weeks, it continues that they’…are not required to work out or change-eating habits’.

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