We went to Venice.

We did  a lot of gazing over the lagoon and at each other. We slept a lot. And my SO finished off his Straight8 Project. I got increasingly pregnant. I mean I was pregnant already, I just got more so, swelling like a great big happy blimp. I did say I got married in cream, not white…


April 16th

  • Plan A: A small wedding at the registry office, then go out for a curry.
  • Plan B: A big wedding with celebrations at various venues on several days. Perhaps with elephants.
  • Plan C: Small wedding at registry office, and a relaxed, happy bloody big party somewhere else.

Plan C was the one we went with. We’d have a buffet, beer, and Ceilidh. And plenty, PLENTY of friends.

I got married in cream: be-trousered with lacy wrap. He got married in a tartan skirt, as the Scots are wont to do.

I smiled and laughed so much that my face ached for days afterwards. Ow.

All my brothers and sisters were there – by blood, half-blood and love – and many many kids.


Hello world…

I am married now.

Married to a most fabulous man with a hairy face and a delightful sense of humour.

I believe I loved him from the first moment we met.

It took him a while to get used to me, however.

We would have probably continued to live together for years if it wasn’t for a lovely couple that we just met in a pub at New Year asking “so, when are you going to get married?”.

“So is there ever a good time to ask?” whispered my Significant Other.

“Now?” I said.

And that is henceforth how it shall be remembered.





Massive sucking sound

OK so I’ve decided…I cannot possibly squish the entire ton of news I have for the past few years into one blog post. That might create a super-dense object. Perhaps it would collapse in on itself, like a neutron star, and pull everything with it. And that would be bad.

I will try to avoid this.


The problem with not updating your blog for a while…

Mysteriously pointy-headed

…is it gets harder and harder to update your blog.

And then there’s the difficulty of how much to write, how much to give away. I am a grown-up (or convention would dictate that by my age I really really should be), and a bunch of people may be reading this that will judge me professionally or personally. I mean, who are YOU, anyway? And why are you reading this?  If we are friends, would you not already know all my news from Facebook?