Mister Bubbles Arrives

I let things lapse again. That last post seemed so immense, that it was so hard to shift it off of the top if the page by another post.

So…we had a baby. Then just over two years later, we had another one. Another boy. I am a mother of two sons.

I will save you the gruesome details of the birth. Though I will say, I gave birth WITHOUT DRUGS. Like a warrior. I think I could only do it as I knew (with sweet sadness) that it was for the last time. We have enough, the boys are beautiful.

Mister Bubbles (name changed for privacy), now 9 months old, has been out in the world for longer than he was in me. That is a really odd thought. Time passes!

Mister Bubbles is on the cusp of walking now. He pulls himself up on legs, furniture, oven door. He gets over excited and flaps his arms.

If you are a Facebook friend, no doubt you are bored of the pictures, and glowing oxytocin fueled descriptions. But I will show you these two from the first few months.

AJ yawn  IMG_4029_s