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Mister Bubbles is indiscriminate with his eating. Lest I feel overly smug about the amount of veggies and good wholesome things in his diet,  he also chooses cat food or tissues or baby wipes, that he will also eat readily and with enthusiasm.

Mister G (the other one) was a great eater until, ooh 18 months. Then distrust of new foods, colorful foods, green leafy or crunchy foods, anything over a certain threshold of taste or texture that was not already on his list of acceptable foods.

Perhaps Mister Bubbles will undergo a similar change, signifying a shift into toddlerhood.

But right now, I feel a tiny, just a teeny tiny, bit self-congratulatory when he tucks into his second apple, or a big spear of brocolli, or pile of steamed carrots.