Headless Pi – Update

I’ve tried to replicate the setup on a new Pi B+ for accessing through vnc, and I ran into authentication problems.

The access was through the default user, pi, account. After a frustrating day of fresh build of the os and then install of tightvnc and all that gubbins, I was locked out from logging in directly.

When the pi started up, it would show the locked screen, and not accept  the pi password in the login box  (nor the tightvnc password). Or more accurately, the login box would disappear, the screen would go blank, flash a bit, then the login box would reappear.

TightVNC set up with a user other than Pi

As I could not log in directly as root, I was a bit stuffed. SO solution: on next clean install, I created a new user, making sure they’re added t adm and sudo groups.

Then followed the instructions for tightvnc log in using the new user.

I am now happily hacking remotely.