Miscellaneous Personal

Michael From Accident Compensation Department

*Ring Ring!*
*Click pause click*
“Hello this is Michael from Accident Compensation Department, phoning in regards to an accident you or someone in your household has been involved in” 
“Sorry, who is this?”
“Accident Compensation Department”
“Really? Of what company?”
“Accident Compensation Department Limited”
“Oh yes? * snigger* And you have details of a claim? What is the name on the claim?”
“Excuse me?”
“If you’ve got details of a claim for compensation of an accident, and this number is on it, you must have a name too? What is it?”
“I do not have a name.”
“So you are fishing. ”
“No ma’am I…”
“Are you from India?”
“I am in Manchester Ma’am but I am from India yes”
“Well Michael I am sure there are better jobs in Manchester for you. This is not a good one. Your company is committing fraud.”

I kinda feel sorry for the gentleman (whether just from India or in India). I try to imagine what it must be like in a call centre, being a moderately educated person with good English. I know these kinds of jobs are sought after. You may have even have had to pay for your own training.

You are asked to do this. Day in. Day out. You have a script. You are trying to fish for scraps of information. Some people bite, the classic money for nothing, inviting them to commit fraud too, or relive hurt and a renew a sense of injustice from the past that they’ve had to overcome.

Most cold calls are unsuccessful I am sure that many people they talk to can be abusive, racist, skeptical. Annoyed to be disturbed by such an obvious scam.

“Michael”, you might know that what you are doing is illegal, but it is a job. And you need to live, don’t you. I do hope you find a job that is worthwhile and satisfying. This is not it.

By the way, the number was 0161 408 0000.