How to generate an SSH key on windows

I’m setting up hosting on a new provider, and it is all cloudy and lovely.
As part of the process, they wanted me to provide an ssh key to use for making connections to the terminal (ubuntu flavour). I am on a windows machine, so I needed to use a tool to generate, puttygen. Those familiar with ssh from windows will be familiar with putty, it’s a very handy utility. Thank you Simon Tatham!
If you’re on a linux based pc or a mac you have some ssh key generation built in, you lucky people.
To use puttygen, simply open and click “generate private and public pair” button, and then you will be asked to move your pointer around the screen to generate some random noise for the algorithm. After it is done, save both the private (*.ppk) and public key (*.txt) for safe keeping. Then you can copy and paste the key to the configuration page for your host.