Anti-filter bubble

Hey! Kids!

  • Do you dislike Google or Bing serving so many adverts to you every time you search?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable with the amount of information gathered about you with your searches, and don’t want a search engine to build a profile on you and store your history and ip addresses (privacy concerns and search engines)?
  • Do you hate having your search results manipulated, and reinforcing your existing world view (Filter bubble) and making it hard to get new information?

If the answer is yes to all or some of these questions, perhaps it is time you changed your search engine!

You should use duckduckgo.

With plenty of easy features to get the results you want. You can save your settings anonymously in the cloud, and integrate into your favourite search engine (mine’s Chrome, and I google services all the time, so they’re still watching…)

Configuring Your Browser

Google Chrome

To make the omnibox work with duckduckgo, do the following

  1. Open your settings
  2. under “search” heading, click button that says “manage search engines”
  3. Scroll down the enormous list of “other search engines”. I imagine duckduckgo is not already on there, so you’ll have to add it.
  4. At the bottom, in the three input boxes put “”, “”, “” and click done.
  5. You might have to find it in the list, (open search manager again). Hover over the entry so that a “make default” button will show, and click on it.

Voila, you should be able to anonymously search for stuff you want to search for!