About Me

Clara at play
Constructing a mermaid on Westport Beach, WA, USA

Hi, my name is Clara, not-such-a-girlie girl, living in Cambridge UK. I like computers and the web. I’ve been involved with them for rather a long time, for pleasure and profession as a front-end web developer and user experience designer. I am currently investigating a transition of career to being a teacher. Not sure what level yet – primary, secondary or FE – but all I know I am having good fun gaining experience when I can by volunteering.

I lived in Seattle for 7 years, and picked up my rather odd trans-Atlantic accent, hence ‘anglo’ (English) and ‘doodle’ ( from ‘Yankee-doodle’). It also sounds a little like ‘labradoodle’ – which I felt rather apt and charming – I too am a bit of a mutt, of a generally happy and enthusiastic temperament, and like to go for long walks and splash in muddy puddles.

Since returning to Cambridge, I renovated a house and then moved. Worked a few jobs, got married to a marvelous and creative husband, Colin, with whom I have co-created two small boys, born 2011 and 2013.

Not quite sure what the purpose of this blog is, work or play, professional or personal. All of it? They’re rather artificial silos anyway. Here’s to having fun while working, and taking pleasure in everything.

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