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Apple – you suck!

iPhone 3G SI REFUSE to fall into the iphone 3G S coveting trap…My 3G bought less than 2 months ago is doing me just fine.

It keeps my hands warm when its cold…I get home at a sensible time as the battery life is limited, meaning more good sleep…I edit in my head instead of relying on copy & paste, which translates in a spareness and conciseness of communication… and really, pictures are so much better than video…and who really needs 32GB on a fricking phone? That’s like those people that carry round a massive bunch of keys and don’t know what more than 5 of them are for. Magnetic internal compass? – that’s just silly. Next you’ll say that it has a whistle and an army knife. Oh it does? Well poo poo to you, I can get that for my 3G.

I am FINE with my phone. Just fine. Stop talking about it now please. SHUSH. I mean it. Lalalalallalallalalalalalallaalalallalalala