House Rules

These are the rules for all Mummies living in Mister G’s house. If you cannot adhere to the rules, there will be much complaining, rolling around, crying, and other behaviours that get in the way of Getting Things Done.  So be warned.


Feeding Family

Mister Bubbles is indiscriminate with his eating. Lest I feel overly smug about the amount of veggies and good wholesome things in his diet,  he also chooses cat food or tissues or baby wipes, that he will also eat readily and with enthusiasm. (more…)

Mister G Arrives

Mister G is a handsome chap with gappy teeth and an easy smile. He loves balls (get yer mind out of the gutter), in fact it was the most repeated word when he was just starting language. “Baw!” he’d say, pointing at anything round. “BAW!!!” (more…)