What’s Installed on the Pi?

To find what packages you’ve got installed already on your Raspberry Pi, type in the terminal window

dpkg –get-selections

if the list is too overwhelming, you can limit the search to the particular family of packages you’re looking for, like msql

dpkg –get-selections | msql


Chicken Door

To allow for the door to open and close automatically, I thought of the simplest solution…no microprocessors or automation at all.

I toyed with the idea of chickens using a chicken flap. Like a cat flap, but for chickens.


Headless Pi – Update

I’ve tried to replicate the setup on a new Pi B+ for accessing through vnc, and I ran into authentication problems.

The access was through the default user, pi, account. After a frustrating day of fresh build of the os and then install of tightvnc and all that gubbins, I was locked out from logging in directly. (more…)

Headless Pi

I’ve been frustrated and squinting angrily at the Raspberry Pi Model B several times in the last few weeks for its awkwardness-to-size ratio.

Yes it is delightfully tiny, low cost and lovely, but this tiny ornate filigree of metal and plastic offers plenty of cable chaos. (more…)


I am volunteering as programming/ICT support in both primary and secondary schools in Cambridge. I had an idea that I would most certainly, definitely go in to primary teaching as I adore little kids. and their unjaded enthusiasm.

I did not want to be in secondary school, perhaps because my own experience was pretty horrible.

However, I may have changed my mind. I continue to waver between preferring one age group and another, am considering a “third way”. Perhaps I don’t need to decide. Perhaps I can get my QTS for secondary school and work on consulting for primary too, or create afterschool clubs for both.