I Love EU

Over the past week, I’ve never felt more European. More appreciative of all my friends from Europe and the rest of the world that chose to make their home in the UK, despite this country’s quirks and flaws.

I’ve never felt so scared of the brokenness of our political system. The undercurrent of intolerance.

No one was paying attention. I wasn’t paying attention. It’s only really just registered that Nigel Farage and other UKIP horrors are so very present in European parliament, supposed to be representing the UK with all the other neighbouring countries. This is not something that has just gone on for a couple of years. It’s been DECADES. Taking salary from the EU for representing the UK in the EU.

Well, you got our attention now. Yep.

You misled and lied to the people of the UK. You hijacked and redirected people’s discontent, distrust of elites, shaping it to fit your far right agenda. Good splattering of nostalgia, and big dose of racism. UKIP, Tories, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.

So…you activised people of the UK, to support your marches, websites, stickers, posters.

Got some media here you can use any way you wish. Free. Only thing I would ask is send me a photo, drop me a line, if you used it, so I can scrap book and get a little lovely shivery feeling that I contributed something.

I want to do good in the world. And I support you doing good in the world.

I love EU. And You.

here’s a pdf: Heart made of EU stars – PDF

here’s a big image: Heart made of EU stars – PNG